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1. Highlights:

  • Book your Pompeii tickets and admire the well-preserved frescoes, mosaics, and artwork depicting ancient Italian life.
  • Marvel at the remains of dwellings, fountains, statues, and the amphitheater that offers insights into the past glory of Pompeii.
  • Learn how Pompeii met its ruin through the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
  • Discover the tragic history behind Pompeii by imagining the suffering of its inhabitants.
  • Walk through history while witnessing how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius turned a thriving city into ruins.
  • Witness the world-famous archaeological site, which is a testament to the destructive power of nature.
  • Understand the cataclysmic impact of Mount Vesuvius's eruption on the destiny of the attraction.
  • Unearth the mysteries of the archaeological site that remains frozen in time for over two millennia.

2. Inclusions:

  • Entrance to the archaeological site of Pompeii
  • Reserved admission to explore the ancient ruins
  • 2-hour guided tour available in your selected language for a detailed exploration of the history and significance of the site.

Pompeii: Reserved Entrance Tickets
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Pompeii Reserved Entrance Tickets
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Pompeii: Guided Tour
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Pompeii Guided Tour
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Pompeii & Amalfi Coast Day Trip

1. Highlights:

  • Purchase the Pompeii ruins tickets and Amalfi Coast Day Trip and set off from Rome with an English-speaking guide leading your adventure.
  • Explore the wonders of Pompeii while moving past ancient homes, restaurants, and much more.
  • Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned bus and absorb history as you head to the Amalfi Coast.
  • Admire the pastel-hued charm of Positano, which is a charming village with picturesque beaches and steep lanes, and learn about its top attractions.
  • Grasp the cataclysmic impact of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on Pompeii in 79 AD.
  • Witness the grandeur of the Temple of Venus and the Roman Forum.
  • Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the attraction from a knowledgeable guide whose passion and storytelling skills will impress you.

2. Inclusions:

  • Comfortable round-trip transport via air-conditioned minibus
  • Expert-guided 2-hour tour of the archaeological site of Pompeii
  • Skilled driver for the journey
  • Express entrance Pompeii tickets to ensure swift access to the historic site.
Small Group Tour Ticket
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Small Group Tour Ticket
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Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius Volcano Day Trip

1. Highlights:

  • Get your Pompeii ruins tickets and go on a combo trip to Mount Vesuvius Volcano, starting from the heart of Piazza del Popolo Square.
  • Enrich yourself in the history of Pompeii and marvel at its perfectly preserved remnants.
  • Delve into the art and culture of Naples during a wonderful walk through the ancient city.
  • Venture to one of the most renowned active volcanoes in Europe named Mount Vesuvius.
  • Encounter the famous death casts as you explore the evocative ruins.
  • Traverse the renowned Castel Nuovo in Naples.
  • Gift yourself an enriching day of art, culture, and history with this remarkable one-day trip.
  • Interact with the knowledgeable guide to get an insight into the tour and enhance your historical understanding of the place.

2. Inclusions:

  • Live tour guide to accompany you
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off via air-conditioned bus at the meetup location
  • Fast-tracked entry with skip-the-line tickets to ensure swift access to attractions
Pompeii Day Trip and Naples Visit
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Pompeii Day Trip And Naples Visit
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Pompeii Day Trip and Vesuvius Visit
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Pompeii Day Trip And Vesuvius Visit
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Pompeii, Amalfi Coast & Positano Day Trip

1. Highlights:

  • Embark on a Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, and Positano Day Trip on a comfortable air-conditioned coach from Rome through Pompeii tickets.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history of Pompeii, guided by a local expert.
  • Explore the alluring Amalfi Coast and its scenic resorts that offer captivating vistas.
  • Delight in the charm of Positano and visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.
  • Indulge in local flavors, including the famed limoncello liqueur.
  • Revel in Roman history lessons within the ancient city of Pompeii.
  • Unravel the secrets of these historic ruins accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

2. Inclusions:

  • English-speaking guide sharing historical insights
  • Fast-track entry with skip-the-line tickets to ensure swift access to attractions.

Pompeii Overview

Pompeii, an ancient Roman city located near modern-day Naples in Italy, was tragically buried under layers of volcanic ash and debris during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. This event, while devastating, inadvertently preserved the city's architecture, art, and way of life, offering modern visitors an unparalleled glimpse into the past. Today, Pompeii stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the might of nature and the passage of time.

For those planning Pompeii tours, the archaeological site is a captivating destination. Exploring its remarkably preserved streets, houses, and public buildings allows travelers to immerse themselves in the daily routines and cultural practices of ancient Romans. Purchasing Pompeii tickets in advance is highly recommended to ensure a smooth entry to this popular attraction. The tickets not only grant access to the site but also contribute to its ongoing preservation and maintenance.

Guided Pompeii tours provide valuable insights into the history and significance of the ruins. Expert guides lead visitors through the labyrinthine streets, sharing captivating stories about the city's inhabitants and its fateful encounter with Vesuvius. Whether wandering through the Forum, the Baths, or the haunting plaster casts of the volcano's victims, a Pompeii tour is a journey through time, offering a profound connection to a bygone era. So, secure your Pompeii tickets now and embark on a mesmerizing expedition back in time.

Explore Pompeii

House of the Vettii

Discover one of the largest Domuses in Pompeii city that spreads across the entire southern part of block 15. It has been named after its owners and is located near the Vesuvian Gate. You can see most of the wall frescoes that showcase the Pompeian Fourth Style that have been carefully excavated and restored.

Villa Dei Misteri

Visit this spectacular ancient villa that is located on the outskirts of the city known for housing a range of exquisite frescoes. There is a room in the Villa of the Mysteries where you can see beautiful frescoes of a young woman being initiated into a Greco-Roman mystery cult.

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Temple of Apollo

Get a deeper insight into the culture and beliefs of the ancient populace by visiting this temple using your Pompeii tickets. Built in 120 BC the temple is dedicated to the Greek and Roman god Apollo and is considered a religious edifice of immense significance here. It is perched on a high podium, comprises 48 Ionic columns, and an imposing staircase that reflects profound Italian and Green architectural influences.

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The House of the Tragic Poet

Marvel at the renowned mosaic floors and stupefying frescoes that feature scenes from Greek mythology and go back to the 2nd Century BCE. Although the exteriors of the House of the Tragic Poet may seem ordinary, the interiors are simply stunning with high-quality frescoes well restored since its discovery in 1824.

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Get your Pompeii tickets to visit this site, once a famous brothel in the ancient city. Witness the paintings on the walls showcasing erotic scenes and over 134 graffiti transcribed. Delve deeper into this graffiti and learn more about the stories here by numerous authors responding to the works of one another.

Book Now: Pompeii & Amalfi Coast Day Trip from Rome

House of the Fawn

Discover the marvels of this House by acquiring your Pompeii tickets, granting you access to what was once considered to be among the most luxurious aristocratic houses from the Roman Republic. This remarkable dwelling also showcases some of the most stunning works of art found within the Pompeii archaeological site. Encompassing an expansive expanse of nearly 3000 square meters, the house, constructed in the 2nd Century BC, stands as a testament to the opulent lifestyle of its inhabitants and secures its position on the list of the most impressive residences of its era.

Must Visit: Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Forum of Pompeii

Enjoy an up-and-close experience at this site, once known for being the central point of the religious, cultural, and political aspects of Pompeii. The Pompeii Forum housed some of the most exotic buildings here, including commercial, public, and religious structures, as well as a bustling marketplace, and reflects the general way of life in the Roman Empire.

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Stabian Baths

Enjoy a visit to the oldest baths in Pompeii with your Pompeii tickets, also believed to be among the most interesting structures in the city. You can see most of the structure, with all four of its building phases, in its original form despite the intense natural calamity that it underwent.

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Pompeii Spectacula

Commonly known as the amphitheater of the ancient city, this is among the most popular of the Pompeii ruins as well as one of the oldest Roman amphitheaters built of stone. Today the place is put to use by the local population to organize concerts and public events, one of the most famous events being a Pink Floyd shoot of a concert movie.

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Archaeological Park of Pompeii

This passage guides you through the intriguing remnants of a bygone era, within the Pompeii archaeological site. This captivating location comprises a vast once-urban area in Pompeii, adorned with several private households that unveil a wealth of insights about the Roman style of architecture. As you explore, let your curiosity lead you through the main atrium, a focal point around which the other primary rooms were strategically positioned. Don't miss the opportunity to admire the porch, an elegant space that came to life through the incorporation of numerous columns.

Book Now: Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, and Positano Day Trip from Rome

History Of Pompeii

The city of Pompeii archaeological site is renowned across the world because it was devastated by an active volcano in 79 AD. With the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the entire city was engulfed in lava, covering it with at least 6 meters of ash and other volcanic debris. The remains of the once-thriving city were carefully preserved under the thick layers for centuries until they were finally discovered and excavated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The huge eruption by Mount Vesuvius that showered the city with volcanic debris was followed the next day by massive clouds of scorching gases. Entire buildings were destroyed, and the whole population was completely crushed or asphyxiated as the city of Pompeii archaeological site got blanketed in blisteringly hot lava and ash. The Graeco-Roman city froze in time until archaeologists in the 1700s finally uncovered lavish villas, sophisticated forums, impressive amphitheatres, and much more.

Get More Insights: Pompeii History

About Lost City of Pompeii

About Lost City of Pompeii

Pompeii, a captivating archaeological site near Naples, Italy, offers a mesmerizing glimpse into ancient Roman life frozen in time. In 79 AD, the city was tragically buried under layers of ash and pumice following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Rediscovered in the 18th century, Pompeii astonishes visitors with remarkably preserved structures, streets, and artifacts. Strolling through its ancient lanes, one can admire opulent villas, intricate frescoes, and public baths that provide insights into Roman architecture and aesthetics. The Forum, once the bustling heart of the city, echoes with the whispers of its past inhabitants. The plaster casts of human and animal remains evoke a haunting sense of the disaster's human toll. Pompeii's archaeological importance extends beyond its tragic fate; it stands as a time capsule, unraveling the everyday life, culture, and customs of a bygone era, inviting modern admirers to step into the shoes of ancient Romans and ponder the fragility of human existence in the face of natural forces.

Know Before You Book Pompeii Tickets & Tours

Location & Timings
Best Time To Visit
How to Reach
Tips to Visit

Location: Pompeii is located near Naples in the Campania region of Italy

Timings: November 1 to March 31: 9 AM–5 PM

(Last entry time is 3:30 PM)

  • April 1 to October 31: 9 AM–7 PM (Last entry time is 5:30 PM)
  • Closed on December 25, May 1, January 1

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The best time to visit Pompeii in the day is in the early mornings soon after the entry gates open. This is when the weather is cool and conducive for sightseeing. This is also a good time to visit if you wish to avoid large crowds.

The best time of the year to visit Pompeii is between the months of November and March when the weather remains quite cool. It is the off-season here and hence you will not find large crowds during this time. This is barring the Christmas week, however, as the city draws large crowds during this time.

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Train: This is the easiest and cheapest way to reach Pompeii if you are in Italy as the city is well connected with Naples and Sorrento. You have to disembark at a station called Pompei Scavi which is very close to the Pompeii gates. If you are travelling from Italian cities like Rome, Milan, or Ancona, you have to switch trains at the Naples Central Station.

Bus: You can also take a bus from Nuova Marina port in Naples and then take a local bus to Pompeii. There are about one or two buses that leave every hour and the total journey time is about 35 minutes.

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  • Wear cool and comfortable clothes and avoid dark colours as all the exploring in the heat can be quite sweltering
  • Protect yourself from the heat by carrying sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and plenty of water
  • Wear comfortable shoes as Pompeii is best explored on foot 
  • Make a visit to Mount Vesuvius and peek into the famous crater that claimed the city so many centuries ago
  • Avoid visiting Pompeii at the weekends as it tends to get extremely crowded during this time
  • Do not carry too much weight in your backpack as the tour can be long and involves some climbing.

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Best Things To Do Near Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius Tour

As you explore the Pompeii ruins, take some time out to visit the site that was the primary cause behind the devastation of this magnitude hundreds of years ago. Head to the notorious volcanic site by booking a tour of Mount Vesuvius and go right up to the crater as well as take a good look inside.

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Visit Herculaneum

Delve deeper into the history of the volcanic eruption and subsequent devastation at Pompeii and you will learn that a nearby town by the name of Herculaneum was also completely engulfed in volcanic ashes. Book a tour of this ancient town and witness well-preserved villas, wooden roofs, doors and several other objects from day-to-day life.

Book Now: Pompeii to Herculaneum

Visit Royal Palace of Caserta

You cannot miss this spectacular landmark in the region, which is also one of the largest palaces in the world. Located at a distance of just about 45 minutes from Pompeii, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sight to behold. It spans a massive area and showcases extraordinary Baroque architecture and influence, complete with a spectacular garden, water features, and much more.

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Naples City Tour

The city of Naples is an absolute must-visit and a natural offshoot of your Pompeii tickets. The city is known for its stunning castles, museums, cathedrals, and much more. You can also try out the world-famous authentic Italian pizza here as well as get a good taste of the country’s culture and way of life.

Book Now: Naples to Pompeii Day Trip

Capri Tour

While you're exploring this quaint little island's marvelous scenic beauty, don't forget to book Pompeii tickets for an unforgettable historical excursion. The breathtaking landscape and clear blue waters that surround the island provide a perfect backdrop for your adventures. Take a moment to marvel at the famous Faraglioni, three huge limestone formations nestled in the ocean. To fully experience this wonder, consider booking a relaxing boat tour or take a swim to get an up-close look at these magnificent structures. And after a day of exploration, unwind by indulging in a scrumptious fresh pizza that the island is renowned for.

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Visit Amalfi Coast

If you want to get a good view of a stunning Italian landscape, the best place for this would be the Amalfi coast. The 30-mile-long coastline is dotted with tiny quaint and colourful houses set against a backdrop of magnificent mountains, a deep blue ocean, and towering trees. The place has received the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is great for indulging in a limoncello liqueur or lounging by the spectacular beaches.

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Are Pompeii tickets available online?

Yes, to make the most of your visit to Pompeii and enhance your exploration, it's advisable to book Pompeii tickets and Pompeii tours online. This convenient option not only saves you time but also allows you to choose your preferred day and time slot, ensuring a seamless experience when exploring the ancient city's captivating ruins.

Do I need to book Pompeii tickets in advance?

You can get your Pompeii tickets in advance by booking them online. Booking your tickets in advance can make your sightseeing experience here even more enhanced as it lets you get your preferred day and time slot easily. You also enjoy wonderful deals and discounts this way and get to book your tickets from the comforts of your home. With just a few clicks, you can secure your spot on guided Pompeii tours or purchase individual Pompeii tickets, all while planning the rest of your itinerary. 

How do I enter Pompeii?

Pompeii essentially has three main entrances, each offering a unique gateway to this mesmerizing archaeological site: Porta Marina, Piazza Anfiteatro, and Piazza Esedra. Among these entrances, the most sought-after by tourists is the Piazza Anfiteatro, not only due to its historical significance but also because it provides direct access to the amphitheaters. This convenience makes Piazza Anfiteatro a preferred starting point for many Pompeii tours, allowing visitors to delve into the city's rich past while exploring the well-preserved remains of its grand arenas and public spaces.

What to see at Pompeii?

There are several attractions here if you are wondering what to see in Pompeii. The most popular ones include the House of Vetti, the Temple of Apollo, the Villa dei Misteri, the House of the tragic poet, the House of the Fawn, Lupanar, Stabian Baths, the Forum of Pompeii, and much more. Among these entrances, the most sought-after by tourists is the Temple of Apollo, often chosen for Pompeii tours and easy access to the amphitheaters. This strategic entry point not only allows you to step directly into the heart of the ancient city's entertainment hub but also offers a glimpse into the daily life of its citizens.

Why is Pompeii famous?

Pompeii, nestled in Italy, gained worldwide renown due to the catastrophic volcanic eruption that entombed the city in ashes in 79 AD. Today, it stands as a renowned destination for global tourists, drawn to the astonishingly conserved vestiges of its past. A multitude of visitors embark on enlightening Pompeii tours to traverse its ancient pathways and gain insights into its storied history. In preparation, many opt to secure Pompeii tickets early, guaranteeing their chance to witness the awe-inspiring archaeological marvels and the meticulous restoration efforts that rekindled the city's essence.

How old are Pompeii ruins?

The Pompeii Ruins date back almost 2,000 years to when it was a bustling city with state-of-the-art architectural wonders, marketplaces, and much more.

What are skip-the-line Pompeii tickets?

Skip-the-line Pompeii tickets not only provide an excellent opportunity to explore the ancient ruins but also ensure a hassle-free experience by allowing visitors to bypass long queues at the entrance. By securing your Pompeii tickets in advance, you can gain swift access to the captivating archaeological site, saving valuable time and avoiding extended waiting periods. These tickets are a convenient choice for travelers eager to make the most of their Pompeii tour, offering seamless entry and the chance to delve into the city's rich history without unnecessary delays.

What are Pompeii skip the line tickets?

Skip the line tickets for Pompeii grant you priority access to the site, enabling you to avoid the often long queues at the entrance. With these tickets, you can make the most of your visit by spending less time waiting and more time exploring.

What's the price of Pompeii tickets?

The Pompeii ticket price varies depending on factors like age, nationality, and the type of ticket you choose.

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Can I buy tickets for both Pompeii and Herculaneum together?

Yes, you can purchase combined tickets for Pompeii and Herculaneum, offering entry to both historical sites for a convenient and cost-effective experience.

Where to buy tickets for Pompeii?

You can buy Pompeii tickets online through various platforms, including the official website and authorized ticket vendors. Also, you can conveniently buy Pompeii tickets directly from our website. We offer a hassle-free booking process that allows you to secure your entry to this historic site with ease. Don't miss out on the chance to explore Pompeii – buy your tickets from our website today!

Are there tickets available for both Pompeii and Herculaneum?

Yes, combined tickets for Pompeii and Herculaneum are available, allowing you to explore both ancient sites with a single ticket purchase.

Can I take Pompeii tours from Rome?

Absolutely! We offer exciting Pompeii tours from Rome that let you explore the ancient city's ruins and learn about its history.

Are guided tours included for Pompeii tours from Rome?

Yes, all our Pompeii tours from Rome include knowledgeable guides who will accompany you throughout the journey, providing insights into the historical significance of the ruins.

Are Pompeii tours from Sorrento suitable for all ages?

Yes, our Pompeii tours from Sorrento are designed to be family-friendly and suitable for all age groups. Our guides adjust the narrative to engage audiences of varying interests.

Are there options for Pompeii tours from Naples?

Absolutely, we offer diverse options for Pompeii tours from Naples, allowing you to explore the captivating ruins of this ancient city with the convenience of departing from Naples.

Can I combine other attractions with Pompeii tours from Naples?

Yes, some of our tour packages offer the option to combine your Pompeii tour with visits to nearby attractions, making your experience even more enriching during your time departing from Naples.


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